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Infected or bad harddrive?
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Author:  Williamhawk [ Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:50 am ]
Post subject:  Infected or bad harddrive?


This hard drive is about a year old. As is this rig, built it. Well a few weeks ago my screen would scramble when I would open most things like Photoshop or a game. So I replaced my video card thinking that was it. Didn't fix it. Then I replaced my monitor yesterday. Seemed to have fixed it.

Now I am having a even more weird issue. I can't explain this easily but pretend you have your browser open and have like 3 tabs open. One is your email, the other two youtube (watching youtube). Now pretend you closed your browser because you were going out for a bit. Now you come back home and open your browser and are surfing where ever. Now suddenly as your browsing, like every 10 minutes or so your screen changes to your old screen when you were browsing earlier in the day. Almost as if someone took a screenshot of your desktop at the time and its placed over your screen.

Thats whats happening. It only lasts for like 5 seconds. Then it goes back to what I am doing now. During that five seconds none of the stuff I click works. Its not the end of the world but obviously this is a sign something is wrong. I did check for viruses with Malware Bytes, Windows Defender and Spybot. I did update my video drivers and some other things. Not sure what else to do. Is it a virus? Or something else?


For More Details:

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