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 4th Annual Poetry Thread 
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* Spitelord
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Post 4th Annual Poetry Thread
Summer time has come again,
and now the newbs come flowing in,
their little eyes with hope glowin',
for breaking news (!!!) about Jhonen.

But the man himself ain't up to much;
his laurels have become his crutch.
He has fallen mostly out-of-touch
'Cept for Comic Con and other such.

Newbs come to our little corner here
with blithe disregard or palpable fear
of our spitey group, poised always near
haunting the place we still hold dear.

Consumer whores, we bid you ":D Hello!"
Don't plan to get too comfy, though.

Mon Apr 30, 2007 4:54 pm
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Joined: Thu Apr 26, 2007 2:18 am
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A little newb am I
coming into your spitey place.
being easy meat is like stealing your pie,
when I wank I come on my face.

Tue May 01, 2007 5:06 pm
* Spitelord
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Post Experimental poetry
Pwn + Poetry = PWETRY
By: nacho
American Writer

Boobies boobies boobies
Boobies boobies. Boobies?
Boobies boobies boobies!

Haiku of the Day

j00r b0x g0t t4k3n
Two tubes diverged on the intar webs,
And soz that I could not DDoS both
And be one leet hax0r, long I PING'd
And looked for holes in one addy-string
To find ports that were not hella loath;

Then hit the other, as leet as hard,
The admin perhaps was

Sun May 06, 2007 4:11 pm
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Basically, I Just Piss Excellence, Darlin'

[02:28] -ChanServ- [#spite] please stop being so mean
[02:28] <CDAAAH> Yo, all!
[02:28] <CDAAAH> Fuck yes.
[02:29] <CDAAAH> Eth and Sancho, take note.
[02:29] <CDAAAH> This is the way it's supposed to be.
[02:31] <CDAAAH> |sunder| rocking pipes, thlayli riding shotgun like an ill bitch, and Neo on top like some kind of fucked up Doctor Octopus.
[02:33] <CDAAAH> It's kings and queens and the stuff of stories famous, come to hit at the park.
[02:35] <CDAAAH> It's the all of everything and god-I-need-a-woman, and the sound of glory fainting, and Eris clutching at her thin, congested throat.
[02:37] <CDAAAH> It's the very essence of the internet, and why I suffer here, when people ask me, "isn't that just a VASQUEZ FANSITE?"
[02:40] <CDAAAH> If I could show them time, or fame, or the thorned nipples of luck, and still hear lame mention of the world at large, then let them go.
[02:40] <CDAAAH> Baby, I'm EXCELLENT.
[02:42] <CDAAAH> My excellence is such a thing, such a terrible thing, because it starts at my core.
[02:43] <CDAAAH> Feel the presence of my very name, a magic thing, and magic large and fine.

[02:44] <CDAAAH> The day is fine for pigs and swine, but night is sweet, if brief.
[02:45] <CDAAAH> The thing divine, to split the time and floor the hungry thief,
[02:46] <CDAAAH> My friend the king, my old friend queen, but I am just belief.
[02:48] <CDAAAH> I serve, a prince, I'm other things, like wine and goodness grief,
[02:48] <CDAAAH> But largely I'm just poetry, and to the tree the leaf.
[02:49] <CDAAAH> Make time, make time for Ogden Nash, and he'll come round again,
[02:50] <CDAAAH> The sweetest thing about the world is time and time with friends.
[02:53] <CDAAAH> And how unlike good poetry is anything that ends?

[02:54] <CDAAAH> I am most of anything, and only those without
[03:02] <CDAAAH> Would want to stop me frolicking, or ask what I'm about.
[03:03] <CDAAAH> I'm a rain of ashes, I'm the cold of oceans deep
[03:05] <CDAAAH> The onus of a mighty king, I'm awesome in my SLEEP.
[03:07] <CDAAAH> Mix the world and universe, and excellence and time,
[03:07] <CDAAAH> And you'll approach the kind of stuff I do just to unwind.

[03:09] <CDAAAH> We sought a way, so long ago, to keep us fit and young,
[03:10] <CDAAAH> And strong in all the proper ways, and wicked just in one:
[03:11] <CDAAAH> We danced an awful Morris Dance, and pitched our faces black,
[03:12] <CDAAAH> Forgot our names and power and believed in no way back,
[03:14] <CDAAAH> And cast like stones across ochre space, and skipped like stones through time and place
[03:15] <CDAAAH> And found a name and found a face and found our own way back.

[03:18] <CDAAAH> I can twist the world around you, I can pull the warp and woof
[03:19] <CDAAAH> I can make it all a game for you, and shower you with truth
[03:21] <CDAAAH> But in the end you're only you; I'm something else, aloof.


Mon May 07, 2007 4:28 am
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Haikus are easy
But sometimes they make no sense

(borrowed, but still funny)

Tue May 15, 2007 10:45 am
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Joined: Sun May 20, 2007 2:05 am
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Location: Walking Pyrophosphate was made by Kri ~
Sophia's Poem

One step closer,
All the time,
A little further,
Cross the line.

One more lifetime,
You'll be free,
A little more,
You'll be with me.

One last look,
And all is better,
Release yourself,
Let's be together.

One finale,
One last time,
Don't fail on me,
And you'll be mine.

Sun May 20, 2007 2:18 am
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* Spitelord
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Love Poxy Conway

You kids and yer spiffy words
In return I'll scrawl on walls
With my slippery turds
It's less than you deserve
But it is made of all that flows through me

With carrots and peas and corn t'boot
I'm full of all kindsa loot
But a big spikey stick
Won't spill my shit
It'll only come out gift wrapped and sparkling.

I was talking to my friends the other day
And I asked them what they did
Nacho said "Hey Pox, I saw something that'd make you kinda sick"
I laughed, yeah I LOL'd out loud
I'm heaps tough I thought,
come on sunshine, and make me proud

So he showed me a photograph of a chick sucking cock
Things was, she was spewing at the same time
And that's kinda rough
People laughed and said at least I didn't see mr hands
And I asked who is that, they said "he's just a man,
But not any man, see he died from a horse dick
Perforating his lung via his anus while fucking him hard
There's videos but you don't wanna watch"
So, of course I did
Then I had no genitals for 6 months.

Pig and I were talking to James the other day
And the boys were being browny
So I told a story
Bout how I saw a man
I said "Hey, you've got way too many fingernails
Growing all over your hands
Did you know your hands
Are really freaking me out
You should do something about that"
but he just ignored me

Oh wait, no he didn't
Cos it wasn't me who saw him
It was James and it was just
A photograph on the internet accompanied by a mid sized article.

This is a song for the internet web
It's like life only faster unless you have dialup then it's balls
This is a song for my substituted experiences
That make me feel like I've done so much more

I heart you internets,
That means laughter on the internets
I'm really cracking up right now.

I'm not even trying to "poem"
But I remembuh feom
And it's been a while since I been far from home.
Aw, I rhymed.

Sun May 20, 2007 11:08 pm
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For Schally, Who Disappeared

Ten tiny cigarettes were swimming somewhere warm
Beneath a stippled, salty frond, yellow from the storm
And you came running, barely clothed, a phantom heat-haze giant
Made of legs and bright primrose and neck composed compliant

The terror of your well-turned heel, your calf so slender, milky-white
Ten tiny, frightened cigarettes found fear where most find fair delight
They shook at every dainty step, they prayed and cursed and cried
They cursed your clever, sculpted foot, e'er the sand it tried

When you crushed eight tiny cigarettes, two others swore jihad
And their tears among the detritus called forth a tiny god
And all the rest is terrible, and full of wrath and fear
And that's the reason, I suspect, that you're no longer here.


As it turns out, this is the gayest thing I've ever written, as Schally is, in fact, a dude.
That'd escaped me for about six years, and came as a bit of a surprise. Currently,
I'm debating whether to replace Schally's name with lilbunny's, as I know for certain
that lilbunny is a girl, and possesses such things as well-turned heels.

Honestly, Shally, if you ever read this, I'm sure you'll understand that I do not, in fact,
want your man junk. However! It's a good poem, and while I don't want your woman
junk either, if you WERE a woman, most of the descriptions would be very flattering.
Let's all agree to keep the poem in its original form, be a little creeped out by
it, and maybe tease me about it in the future. A hearty LOL, FAG! all around.

Tue May 29, 2007 3:08 am
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* Spitelord
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Joined: Thu Dec 16, 2004 6:28 am
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I had a minor mind crush on that critter. Good postings, they did.

Sadly it was not reciprocated.


Wed Jun 13, 2007 10:51 pm
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