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 Odd Spam 
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Post Odd Spam
Based on the old topic.

From: "Reined J. Selfish"

Neobokrug Hot New IPO! Should Explode!

The longest way round is the sweetest way home.

This new IPO stock GRDX. They just started trading
this one like 2 days ago. It's already almost
doubled in just 2 days! My Husband is really
excited about this stock. Say's it could make us
some really BIG money. You guys should check it out.
Just spreading the wealth ;)
Go to
and check symbol : GRDX you will see how big the
growth is :)

Accidents will happen.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. . Better to go back than go wrong. . What the eye doesn't
see, the heart doesn't grieve over. . He has enough who is content. .
If anything can go wrong, it will.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

.Little and often fill the purse. . Distance makes the heart grow fonder. . The wise man is
deceived once but the fool twice. .
It's no use closing the stable door, after the horse has bolted. . A bad penny always comes
back. . It never rains but it pours. .

Rome wasn't built in a day. . As hard as nails. . Give a man a fish and you feed him for a
day; Teach him to use the Net and he won't bother you for weeks. .

Fri Mar 18, 2005 5:14 pm
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Are you sure that wasn't a death threat? Parts of it were really ominous.

Fri Mar 18, 2005 7:05 pm
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Done Alas he has done that which would to God I could undo waspawnbroker Mordecai How she looked How she stamped the floor within the interior of Dakota Territory which for convenience will behis quarry Then he arose put on his hat and hunted out a
three on modern poets two on the history of great railroad systems andtrilled forth in the charming strains of the old Scotch balladAl handed the clerk the order and got his thousand papers at once Heschooldays and her friends But then she is eighteen and thats
Sometimes as Napoleon did with his chief generals before a decisivefugitive in resisting extradition and informing him that they hadThey aint goin to be any more o this sort o thinggoing to get the very thing we talked about Mr Hooper were going to

until late then Gus chatted awhile on the steps Bill standing in thelook like a couple of garden toadsmore than three times as many as he had taken out before so the clerklatest wonder and one worthy of intense interest was a newly installed

but Ive got a hunch that he knows something he doesnt want to worry usfrom you And you will not send me will youall of us including Sarah of course Among the articles sent werecyclopedia did not answer Some of the books he took home to read

distresses me Is it any sorrow that you dare not unfold to yourBut now he went on comes the hitch I am compelled by anothertoo dreadful to unfold Even yet my poor heart struggles toThe insistency was too direct the queens wish was a command The

And just then the end of the toomuch inclined crutch skated outward andIn the morning as the boys descended the hill George who was alwaysFollowing his escape from Canada young Edison knocked about the homebuilder Hell be out in a minute

The violation of that single seal betrayed the thief for thecareful study of the minute points presented for inspectionthings so that therell be a falldown But what need they care afterOh you blurted Skeets Mr Hooper can talk so that people

I was announced Cora gleefully Terry just cant see any good inbefore your birth I had it set in diamonds then for you my childand Jesse heard him order a cab for the 1130 A M Sunset Limited

had discovered an infallible method for doing the work and at theCourt of Appeals at Fort Worth and the United States Supreme Court

fellow is to help it That Jewess bewilders me If old Mordecai wasa gruff voice hailed them from the hilltop Looking up they saw another

him for his notion for he has never chanced to inquire about radio andsmell a German submarine half a mile away and they could tell when aWhen the wedding is over Ill write you a full and detailed account

turned aside upon the brick walk that connected the kitchen andlet on to fall down Or we mightunpretentious home than was perhaps in keeping with his avocation

charming September days when Lizzie Heartwell stepped to the doorfriend Solomon Stettheimer expects to go soon to Wirtemberg to lookof thing in taking reports so I wasnt put out in the least At last

Grace picked her up She was not hurt by her fall Her very plumpnessthings and that you were awful smart for kids but hed be hanged for ahome and disappeared a short time afterward Thad came and stood near

out his intentions to get help to George and put the authorities on thesing even a short ballad What a girl Bertha wasreal good and kindpassed the Pelton wheel a direct action turbine was going at a

It's my understanding the internet is sentient now. Sentient with all the retardation we've thrown into it.

Wed Jul 26, 2006 2:21 pm
I've been sitting on this one since Valentine's. For some reason, I don't wanna delete it.

What are you to do if you have bad erection? Especially
in the forthcoming Saint Valentines Day???
Don t worry, it is not the last of pea-time...
The most simple way is to visit our site, order the
medication and that is all you are to do!

Do not kill the clock!

"the last of pea-time" gets me the most.

Wed Jul 26, 2006 3:19 pm
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You know, I've always wondered what I should do if I had a bad erection.
Now I know.

Order the Medication.

It's not the last of my pea-time! I'll never worry about it again.

Wed Jul 26, 2006 3:26 pm
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I like "do not kill the clock". That clock is totally asking for it.

This topic prompted me to check my spam folder, where I found several variations on this theme:

may pedimentepicure or everywherepoured but jumpedwrapped when menumulligatawny it's publicitydiscovered on verbalmekong not shoutingcady
the nameddismiss what dateswalked in mercyfinancial it's situatechurchwomen was andesinepresentation on draftsmanabut
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it's faulknerwalking a paristv that atkinsbroody what operationunderstood when cynthiaboggy and finialspeckle

or chapmangovernance and campuswriting in antsmatter not awfullyaimed a starschurches not overdressedevening when browinhibition may tellsreference some halfwilma

may studiedyoure not detroitmistaken on turpitudepiccadilly the bondageverbal or kneescommunism in listeningmathematics a cateringfreddy

was petersburgsoil but tonneexaggerated the favoritelift or banquetforgettable in neighborhoodboxes but recentlytropical it's dailycooking or apartmentpicked

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and pipchinese some lookedvapor as bellsheriff as flinchquadrature that whippanypierson but winneralexander as populationmister

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and economicalquestions but grabcolors in tuscaloosahowe was michelaccordant the laborsurroundings that wantsolitude on hancockflange
some resistancebinomial some sykesvortex but exculpatemagnanimous as sobrietyberth not emittancebilliken as startsappearance but novaexplicate the blurrybipartisan that whipsawspool but flaxpeephole on dandyhal was guidedgrants as andeanoct

in centraltools what babiesspeaker a bivalvepremise a ridingbother not occasionsprinciples as synopsisoyster what coffeecupwoods it despotbud and minelow a bcpower what leanedstone what committeemendefecate may katangameasured what frivolousponce it's earnsaying

or leakyinoperable but influenzadonaldson what hearingchanging a suddenlynearly may rebhumpback but accusatoryterrific a honorenvironment it's unacceptableclasses when optimalfeasible but jealousdistrict when cutletplunder it's loudlyembarrass some hopelesstears not tinkerholden may criedcolors as passengersdarkness

it pageswasnt what cuttingharbor it jugatemitigate the classesintelligence the transversepugnacious that viewermajority when pelicanlumpy/p>

If I can only decipher that, I will transcend time and space and become one with the universe.

Wed Jul 26, 2006 3:49 pm
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([color=red]Assassination instructions in red. [/color]Other favorite parts underlined.)

the drawing room such tender music he laid aside the paper he was stepmother offered some inducement that kept him away To resist In general they do replied Lizzie but from peculiar The corporal was perfectly sure I had come down cellar He couldnt
[color=red]Gracie dear little girl You mustnt wish to kill or wound anyone Oh I tell you Uncle theyre putting it over on you It aint any of my advise me not to see him at all and maybe I will not in the future longandshort telegraph letters and communication was at once[/color]
Leah trembled that so much had escaped her hitherto silent lips the dam and it was with satisfaction that the boys found after anno sooner given this direct evidence of their intention before speeches but I thought if I did look like a pearl in my gauzy

Its cold without and cold within she muttered and then as if Im doing my best Gus This crutch he tried to sell his stock printer and failed in the effort Then he Gus had extended his hand to give her a lift she took it and came

swore t her Id do all I could fer him His brother Bob hes in the [color=red]Its worse than offence it is death he replied[/color] plant That afternoon they moved into the new shop and were delightedtime and manner of his own fathers deatha time when the terrible

lynx What will your father say she continued Pick up every they could neither forget that fact nor pass up the delight of may he married her when I was four years of age and from that date now [color=red]this will be the first of several[/color] on great inventors beginning with

passed the Pelton wheel a direct action turbine was going at a On December 2 1904 Nathaniel Cohen another member of the firm of and I am ready to leave you being shy on this radio business

culvert and was knocked senseless they are there My very proper and punctilious mother too has been from the lustrous lashes of the Jewess I thank you again and the vessel that was to bear her away will you tell Mingo to leave

Mexico in any way that the latter desired Dodge for his part confide it [color=red]I trust no one as I do you[/color] Leah looked seriously and satin her head adorned only by the clustering curls she had worn

No said Skeets who had borrowed Bills crutch to get into the shop [color=red]Not tonight its late now and I must be alone Alone[/color] he

What to do he knew not but he must try something and do it quickly important market for supplying the schoolchildren with luscious

shrewdness and emboldened by the high estimate placed upon his Is it good queried the anxious owner arm said Come lets walk

Bill soon found out however when Cora and Ted came to meet him resolution and now I can but frankly confess it I do not think I was able to dash a considerable quantity of reviving water into the (Into the what?!)

[color=red]who do really great things along the lines of physical improvement[/color] or Leah does not come down Ill just step to her room and see if she give the goodnight kiss his usual benediction before they

[color=red]endorse it but sent a clerk to the bank to identify him[/color] because of the [color=red]With a strong but unsatisfactory effort to appear at ease[/color] he from [color=red]the transit at an angle of ninety degrees from a line to the field[/color]

The way weve made that panel Gus with those end cleats doweled on better an grin less if I didnt sling words about like one o these to this day am worse than her vassal [color=red]Try as I may I cannot shake[/color]

Wed Jul 26, 2006 9:02 pm
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Nacho didn't tell me to post this here. Nope. I'm doing it of my own free will.

Just in case, y'know, you were wondering.


Fri Jul 28, 2006 9:16 pm
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I just got one that reads

Are you Catholic and single?
Looking for love or some new friends?
Join a community that under-
stands your values and beliefs.
*Catholic Mingle

Click here to join FREE!

Uninteresting, I know.

But the subject line was "I eat dogs".

Fri Aug 18, 2006 4:18 pm
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God, that sounds like Ireland, in spam form, to me.

Fri Aug 18, 2006 6:13 pm
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Depressing, but true.

Fri Aug 18, 2006 6:39 pm
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Not very good erecxction? You are welcome.

The young man did not cry or flee, just nodded. This must be the place, he said. The darkness faded and light returned. Iron John was gone.


I'm not sure what I find most disturbing about this piece of mail: the fact that they seem to be accepting thanks for giving someone a bad erection, or that they seem to have used a bit out of child-porn book to get it through my spam filters...

Tue Aug 22, 2006 4:29 pm
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NOW save on meds you need Jeanette


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Customer Service Team


Jeanette must be a shemale.

Sat Sep 09, 2006 12:43 pm
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From: Douglas Tucker <>

Who was in and who was out was signified with a care thatamused him slightly, after Africa.
For a moment they stared at each other; then Renny said, You knowNicholas . He had only heard her voice on the telephone, and peoplechanged after all these years. I leave for the Front tonight, he said,clicking his heels together.
She had got into the habit oftalking aloud.
It seemed to her that he hoardedimmense supplies of emotion that he could not express.
Itlost its radiance as she looked at it, as if a light had beenextinguished underneath. And what nonsense, what nonsense Renny talks, said Nicholas,turning to her privately.
Why Brown if hes a foreigner, he wondered.
We all think the same things; only wedo not say them.
Good-night, she said, smiling as she shook hands.
Sara was drumming a waltz rhythm onthe table.
Lets endit as quickly as possible and then .
Hes an American, he said, nodding atNicholas. Whether this was the right streetor not, he could not be sure; he filtered slowly round the corner. Theyve got through the defences, said Nicholas.
It was very private and peaceful after the guns. She looked up as she walked down thedark little street behind the others. She went to the window andparted the curtains and looked out. But she spoke toosensibly; she was anxious about the children, Eleanor guessed. She could see houses now beyond the trees.
He had only been back ten days, and his mind was a jumble of oddsand ends.
The light had changed; it was green now, he hadbeen blocking the way. And Eleanorwandered about, holding a cup, telling people about her shower-bath.
Again the red light shone out; he pulled up. And Im quite ready to oblige you, she added aloud, as indeed shehad said to Louisa herself.
As each fell, itseemed to emphasise her bitterness. Hewas still confused by it all; they talked so fast; they must thinkhim very slow, he thought.
The shops even, he thought, as he shot past rows of plate-glass windows, were marvellous.
We may as well finish our dinner, she said. For they all had lines cut; phrases ready-made.
He had turned to listen to what theothers were saying, as if to take refuge from speaking himself. The wind ceased;the country spread wide all round her. North, her brother Morrissson, had just come back from Africa, and she had scarcely seen himalone. But I dont want to come, she said, waving him away.
Silence weighed on her as she stood there waiting.
We dine in the basement, she continued, turning to Eleanor,because weve no servants.
Like to see what Ive got for supper, lady? And North, she said, when they reached the hall, you will becareful.

Just a few minor changes.

Last edited by CDAAAH on Fri Apr 04, 2008 12:54 am, edited 3 times in total.

Sun Sep 10, 2006 4:24 am
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mak emonye at home!

you thinking that your are the tType? sdo youthink that you have what it
taketo becoming a police officer? didnto you feel a that yo have a need to
serve- the public trust and to protectothers? qwerty\

Besure two sign up for free Soda this weekend!

Tanya Jackson-

Coke vs. Pepsi


I think the internet wants me to drink soda and fight crime.

Sun Sep 10, 2006 2:11 pm
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Crystal <> Sun, Sep 3, 2006 at 4:09 AM
Reply-To: Crystal Vigil <>

attractive Zoo moviees! ... .dXjbY,hVX


I don't think they mean movies about the zoo.

Sun Sep 10, 2006 4:59 pm
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