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 K, here goes... 
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Post K, here goes...
I told sancho that I would post this quite some time ago to eliminate (I love that word :wink: ) curiosity. There are reasons why I pop in and out of chat, or disappear for periods of time, say 1 week to 4 yrs. I spend most of my time in bed, although only sleeping 1-3 hrs a night. 1) I'm bi-polar and try to stay in the depressed phase. When I'm manic I holler and scream, all logic goes out the window, I become very irrational, paranoid, and violent. Quite violent. 2)psychosis seeing and hearing the most ignorant things. e.g. Hearing music, such as ice cream trucks, music boxes, or songs that I feel I know, but cannot make out the words or the name of the songs. Seeing things such as shadows moving in dark corners, or animals darting out in front of my car etc. Fortunately I have learned that these things aren't real and tend to ignore them. 3) Now here is the main reason. About 5 years ago my b/f now roommate ran up behind me as I was sitting on the couch folding clothes, lifted me up over his head (he is a very large man, not fat but fit) and slammed me on the floor with me landing on my head and neck. It caused injury to the back of my neck (cerebelam (sp?) and back of my head. I now see the head of the department of neurology at the U of M medical center. I have a headache all the time that never goes away. I have to rate it daily to keep track between 1-10. It never goes below a 2 or 3 but usually hovers around 5-7. I have constant migraines that I need to go to the hospital for where they shoot me up with Diladid and phenergan ( morphine no longer works) My doctor said that inside the human brain is a pain center, right square in the middle of the brain. Mine has been disrupted and now "believes" that the pain is supposed to be there all the time and as for the cerebelam well there's nothing they can do for either so I'm kinda stuck this way for life. 4) I also developed gastro-esophegal-reflux-disease because I don't eat the way that I should (my fault totally) and an ulcer. I take medications to try to control these things. 1. Neurontin 900mg 3xd 2.Baclofen 20 mg 3xday 3. Zoloft 100mg 1xd 4.Presciption prilosec 3xd 5. Reglan 3xd 6. lithium 900 mg 1xd 7. Klonopin 1.0mg 2xd 7.Thorizine 50mg 3xd 8.Seroquel 1200mg 1xd 9. Protonix 40 mg 2xd and then the one I REALLY don't like 10. Toradol injections that I give myself when the (11) Motrin 800s don't work, then thers just the #12 of Trazadone 1xnightly to help me sleep (Hah! thats a joke) But this is why. Now you know. I am not-Not-NOT looking for sympathy or pity, so none of thet "Oh! Poor td." fucking bullshit. I'm the one who got with this man. I'M the one who let him stay when he started to become abusive, and I'm the one who opened my mouth that day on the couch when I knew something bad could result, although I had no idea just HOW bad. So now you know. But the good thing about the g.e.r.d. is the constant vomiting and nausea is I lost 37 lbs that the seroquel made me gain :D sooooo happy! I'm thin again YAY!! K, I'm out.

Sun Sep 07, 2008 10:19 am
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The brain is a strange thing. Thanks for sharing.

Sun Sep 07, 2008 7:58 pm
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