05:01PM <Lea> i try to find people i can talk to instead of those vomiting sluts and std infested jocks at school and i get the same shit from people who i thought would be better than that

02:47AM <Min-Izarel> hmm, I guess I have to find a room a little more intellectu al in nature. I'll leave you to your pinball and batman and other individyual ac tivities. good luck.

03:57AM <QwizzleCoat> i am dissapointed becuase i was expecting some more intelligent conversations...instead i come in here and all i see is.....what i see everywhere else......there is no where else

05:08AM <fungus> you know.. that by being mean and foreign you're just like the people that piss nny off. the only difference is that you feel justified in doing so. you have something in common with those who are cruel to avoid their own inadequacies- pain..

08:54PM <AlexialO> You're right, I don't know what bothers you, and if my presence alone bothers you enough that you had to repeatedly kick us and then ban her, you should be one of those people strung up in Johnny's basement. There's nothing different about you and the people who push people around in the hallways everyday for no reason other than to proove you can.

10:25PM <GoreMetalMeat> does it really make you feel good saying I am gay infront of your buddys? I thought maybe some mature people would be in here. But it's just the same as every other chat room. nothin but retards that got somethin to say about how gay other people are