This chat room is not like all the other happy little chat rooms on the internet. Here you won't find groups of shiny happy people continually discussing Invader Zim and willing to accept you into their midst because you are skilled at quoting happy noodle boy. We're stubborn, opinionated, and often outright evil. We're not kind to strangers, we're not full of love, and we do not accept that your opinion has has some intrinsic value. You shouldn't come here looking for 'intelligent conversation' or people who share what you consider to be your 'unique' world view. In fact, you REALLY don't want to be here. If, for whatever twisted reason, you insist on trying to chat here, these are the things you will want to understand if you are to have a fighting chance.

  1. We don't need a reason to kick you.

  2. We don't need a reason to ban you.

  3. We don't need a reason to delete your whiney message board post about how you got kicked and banned.

  4. There are a few conventions you should follow when choosing a nickname to use:
    1. DarkPensiveAngel says: Long nicks suck. Long and gothy is even worse.
    2. DUMBAOLER says: try not to use all caps in your name
    3. 31337h4x0r says: h0h0h0h0! 1 d0n'7 c4|23 4 1337 n1kZ!
    4. Avoid naming yourself after a popular comic or cartoon character (ie: NNY, Lenore, Zim, InvaderWhoever), as this is far too common, and gives one no sense of individuality. Plus we just don't like it. No, we don't care that you use it everywhere else.
    5. altErnatiNg-cAps: UgH! nOnOnO!
    6. Doomy2002 has learned that our network is small, and excess numbers in nicks are not necessary.

  5. Things to avoid using in your text:
    1. Pidgin aolish crap language: U noe wut eye mean, 4eel?
    2. ALL CAPS
    3. colors
    4. altErnatiNg cAps
    5. scrolling ascii art
    6. 1337ZP34K
    7. a/s/l?

  6. Don't pretend to be an employee/artist of SLG, Nick, or whoever. It's dumb and we'll just ban you.

  7. We probably won't be talking about what you want us to when you come in. We might even all be idle. Don't become irritated that people aren't talking about what you want at the exact moment you would like them to be.

  8. You wouldn't walk up to strangers on the street and expect them to either care or believe that you are about to kill yourself, you can't take it any more, don't expect strangers online will give a crap either. Check your angst at the door.

  9. While you will find almost anything goes conversationwise, we prefer you avoid lame glorification of drug use. We really don't want to hear about your N hits of whatever at the rave last weekend.

  10. If an op in the channel asks you to change your nick or stop doing something, do it. If you feel their request imposes on your personal freedom or creativity, you would probably be better off going somewhere else.

  11. If you feel something is amiss, you can try to email me about it. I can be reached at . I'll probably just delete it or paste it in channel for everyone to make fun of, though.

  12. This isn't a little kiddy chat. If you want some nice family fun, look in the links section at some of the Invader Zim sites.

  13. I'll probably ban you just for fun.

[ I've read it, understand, and agree to abide by the terms and conditions, blah blah... ]

[ I haven't read it, don't agree, or just plain don't wanna be here ]